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Top-Rated Reviews for Scar Revision* Procedures Near Austin, TX

Board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Gorman, Dr. Haydon, and Dr. Wilder at Austin Plastic Surgery Institute want to share with you the feedback and reviews from former and current patients in Central Texas. As there are many patients, who have received consultations, (cosmetic or reconstructive) plastic surgeries, noninvasive skincare treatments, and follow-up surgical care, they know first-hand what amazing work these plastic surgeons provide. Please read their testimonials as they give beneficial comments on each surgeon, their front office staff, nurses, aestheticians, pre and post-operative experiences, and much more. In this section, you can look through all the procedure reviews from real patients at Austin Plastic Surgery Institute.

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Review from A.H.  |  Source: Google  |  Mar 13, 2019

Absolutely 100% Dr. Gorman saved my life. Literally.. Let me explain how miracles happen. I had already put a deposit down and scheduled a mini abdominal surgery with a local Lakeway "Certified COSMETIC Surgeon" for a mini abdominal plasty, two hernia repairs, and C-section scar revision. No joke..just 2 days before my scheduled surgery with her I just so happened to meet Dr. Gorman in of all places...a hair salon. I was the one cutting his hair that day. By chance you say? I think not. Angels were looking out for me that day. We began small talk which lead to him talking about being a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. I told him how in just two days I was scheduled for an operation of my own. He asked who my surgeon was... I told him and will never forget that look. He asked if I knew the difference between COSMETIC SURGEON and BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON. Hmmm..actually no I didn't. Why should I be concerned with that I asked aren't the certifications all the same? Oh boy! Was I so mistaken. Dr. Gorman went on to explain that there is a very scary and unfortunate loophole in Texas for any surgeon really no matter the license or experience to be able to perform Plastic Surgery on patients. Not only was the Surgeon I originally chose NOT a Board-certified plastic surgeon, she is only a licensed Cosmetic Oral Surgeon...that's right folks.. a Cosmetic Dentist trying to perform very intricate body and abdominal plastic surgery on a patient without any formal training or credentials to back it up. I was obviously shocked and outraged. I could have had surgery with this woman and could have had serious consequences or even death! Dr. Gorman also explained how important it is to do your research on any Dr. performing surgery on you and to always always make sure they are BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC! Dr. Gorman and his team are top notch all the way. Did you know he is also the head of the Board of Plastic Surgery in Austin? He is the one teaching and certifying other Dr.'s. Wow! I couldn't possibly ask for a better surgeon than that. Over 35 years in the business. He's a master at his craft. After hearing my story Dr. G felt what he described as a medical and Physicians responsibility to make sure my surgery was performed correctly by an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He immediately called his office manager, Margaret, while sitting in my chair getting his hair cut mind you, and asked her when he could get me in. She got me in to consult the following morning. Surgery the next day. I was saved by a wonderful human being. An amazing Dr. who not only perfects his craft, but actually helps and cares about people. Deeply. I am currently 3 months out from my surgery and couldn't be happier with the results. Scar is perfect..straight and barely visible. Zero swelling now. Hernias...gone. Diastasis...gone. Tight healthy skin. And just so happy. So many things to be said about this entire experience, but if I can say one thing..please do your research and make sure your surgeon's credentials are legit. And that he/she is licensed to be performing the surgery you are wanting. I got lucky. Just go to Dr. G and you will have nothing to worry about. First in care, class, integrity, customer service, results, and most important human kindness and genuine care for his patients. More

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