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Our Dedicated Staff

Dr. Gorman Staff

Image of Cassandra Romo Cassandra Romo

Cassandra Romo

Medical Assistant/Patient Coordinator

Cassandra is the Medical Assistant and Patient Coordinator for Dr. Gorman.

Dr. Haydon Staff

Image of Andrea Gibson Andrea Gibson

Andrea Gibson

Business Coordinator

Andrea Gibson is the Business Coordinator for Dr. Haydon.  She is responsible for managing insurance schedules and helps insurance patients.

Image of Wanda Potts Wanda Potts

Wanda Potts


Wanda joined Austin Plastic Surgery Institute as primary clinical nurse for Dr. Haydon, and assists him in many procedures performed in the OR.

Image of Jazmin Nikolay Jazmin Nikolay


Patient Coordinator

Jazmin Nikolay is the Patient Coordinator for Dr. Haydon.  She acts as the primary contact for patients inquiring about consultations and schedules their cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Wilder Staff

Image of Mitzi Lindsey Mitzi Lindsey

Mitzi Lindsey

Patient Coordinator

Mitzi Lindsey is Dr. Wilder's Patient Coordinator. In her role, she assists patients with coordinating their surgery.

Image of Tricia Vargas Tricia Vargas

Tricia Vargas

Medical Assistant

Tricia currently works as Dr. Wilder’s Medical Assistant and enjoys helping patients from the beginning to end of their surgery journey.

Image of Ashley Powell Ashley Powell

Ashley Powell

Patient Coordinator

A new edition to Dr. Wilder’s team, Ashley assists with the day to day operations of the office and helping patients. 

Skin Care CLINIC Staff

Image of Tonya Stahl Tonya Stahl

Tonya Stahl

Practice Manager

Tonya Stahl is the Skincare Liaison, making sure you have a pleasant experience with APSI and the Skin Care Clinic.

Image of Tonya Stahl Ashley Compton

Ashley Compton


Ashley Compton provides aesthetic consultations, treatment and comprehensive training with aesthetic non-surgical injectables such as neuromodulator and dermal fillers.

Image of Kathi Guerra kathi-guerra

Kathi Guerra

Patient Coordinator

Kathi is the Patient Care Coordinator for Austin Plastic Surgery Institute.


Image of  Kaitlin Scharmann Kaitlin Scharmann

Kaitlin Scharmann


Kaitlin is a Licensed Medical Esthetician/Certified Laser Technician at Austin Plastic Surgery Institute.

Image of Julie Rothschild Julie Rothschild

Julie Rothschild

Ideal Protein Coach


Image of Leslie Laverty Leslie Laverty

Leslie Laverty


Leslie brings over 20 years of nursing experience to our skincare clinic, previously as Dr Wilder’s nurse & has returned to APSI as a nurse injector.