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Meet Our Team

20 Team Members
  • Ashley Powell

    Ashley Powell

    Patient Coordinator

  • Dr. William H. Gorman

    Dr. William H. Gorman

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. William H. Gorman is an experienced and talented board-certified plastic surgeon and Founding Member of the Austin Plastic Surgery Institute.

  • Cristina Williams

    Cristina Williams

    Office Adminstrator

    Cristina Williams is the Practice Administrator and our Skin Care Clinic Director.

  • Dr. Scott Haydon

    Dr. Scott Haydon

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Scott Haydon has been a board-certified plastic surgeon since 2003, and in addition, he is a Co-Founder of Austin Plastic Surgery Institute.

  • Naomi Marquez

    Naomi Marquez

    Office Manager

    Naomi Marquez is the Office Manager for Dr. Haydon. She is responsible for managing schedules and making sure patients have a positive experience.

  • Dr. Fred Wilder

    Dr. Fred Wilder

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Fred Wilder is a board-certified plastic surgeon by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and Co-Founder of the Austin Plastic Surgery Institute.

  • Wanda Potts

    Wanda Potts


    Wanda joined Austin Plastic Surgery Institute as primary clinical nurse for Dr. Haydon and assists him in many procedures performed in the OR.

  • Linda Wilken

    Linda Wilken

    Patient Coordinator

    Linda is the Patient Coordinator for Dr. Haydon. She acts as the primary initial contact for patients inquiring about consultations and surgery.

  • Margaret Rodriguez

    Margaret Rodriguez

    Office Manager

    Margaret Rodriguez is the Office Manager for Dr. Gorman. One of her duties is scheduling appointments for patient surgeries and skincare treatments.

  • Megan Young

    Megan Young

    Marketing/Patient Coordinator

    Megan Young is the Marketing and Patient care coordinator for Dr. Gorman. She is the primary contact for patients.

  • Mitzi Lindsey

    Mitzi Lindsey

    Patient Coordinator

    Mitzi Lindsey is Dr. Wilder's Patient Coordinator. In her role, She is assists patients with coordinating their surgery.

  • Tricia Vargas

    Tricia Vargas

    Medical Assistant

    Tricia currently works as Dr. Wilder’s Medical Assistant and enjoys helping patients from the beginning to end of their surgery journey.

  • Patty Belisle

    Patty Belisle

    RN, CANS

    Patty is a Registered Nurse who has been in the cosmetic and anesthetics industry for over 16 years.

  • Barbara McKeon

    Barbara McKeon


    Barbara is a Registered Nurse and cosmetic injector.

  • Helen Coquin

    Helen Coquin

    Medical Aesthetician

    Helen is nationally certified in laser treatments.

  • Judie Jackson

    Judie Jackson

    RN, Ideal Protein Coach

  • Julie Rothschild

    Julie Rothschild

    Ideal Protein Coach

  • Tonya Stahl

    Tonya Stahl

    Patient Coordinator

    Tonya Stahl oversees all business operations and is the patient coordinator.

  • Michael Fortkort

    Michael Fortkort

    Front Desk Receptionist

    Michael is the Front Desk Receptionist for Austin Plastic Surgery Institute.

  • Lauren Riley

    Lauren Riley

    PA - C

    Lauren has made Austin home and has become a strong member to the APSI Skin Care Clinic.